I’m pregnant, what are you going to do about it?

This story may very well benefit young men who are in the military so that they can avoid the trap that I fell into. There was NO sex education in my Mount Shasta, California, high school.

June/July/August 1968 Picture this: I am 19, sexually inexperienced, immature, away from home in the USAF at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado, and start dating a young lady whom I will call Princess Linda. She also was 19. My parents NEVER spoke to me about sex, birth control, or toxic relationships. Ironically I am a result of premarital sex and one would think that my Mother would have alerted me to the predatory tactics of young girls when I went off to the USAF; she did not.

I was in LOVE but it might have been, nay was, LUST. Yep, I was horny and getting some sex from this young lady. No hand, oral, anal, or vaginal sex when this deed happened. Manual stimulation, oh, hell, finger fcking transferred sperm from my penis to her vagina because I was stupid, careless, and did not know any better.

Many girls and women around a military training base are like camp followers. They prey on young, ignorant, lonely, horny, foolish boys and men; they trade sex for entertainment and money spent on them for gifts, dinners, movies, and the like. A military training base was where the boys were because so many of our young men were off to Vietnam and the war there.

Many young girls will accept a marriage proposal or even to be a girl friend while the boy/man is stationed nearby but once they ship out then the ‘Dear John’ letters are sent. Lather, rinse, repeat for the girls. I and about 80 GIs shipped out to Kwang Ju, South Korea; within 3 months out of 20 in my barracks there were 3 who got Dear John letters and 1 with divorce papers.

Today there is no doubt in my mind that the Princess Linda was using me and taking advantage of me. She, too, was away from home going to the Park School of Business, Denver, Colorado, for a 1-year certificate in book keeping. She had finished and should have been looking for a job or gone home; she lived with 2 other girls, Sue and Dora.

After several months of dating I asked her to marry me. The warning signs were there that this was a bad idea but I was horny so what the hell….she accepted. The pregnancy timeline showed that it was about this time that she was preggers from sperm from my fingertip (accidentally) ; date of conception early June. On the 4th of July I got leave, went back to California, and drove my 1958 Sunbeam Rapier back to the base. A week or two later I drove her to her home in Montana where I met her parents, we announced our engagement, left her there, and returned to Denver. She returned on the bus.

Along comes the end of July and she tells me:

“I’m pregnant. What are YOU (emphasis on YOU) going to do about it?” By then she was 6-7 weeks pregnant.

This was my series of blunders that other young men should learn from. First was dating an untruthful person. Second was not questioning that the child was mine. Third was getting her knocked up. Fourth was asking her to marry me and later determining that she may have suspected her pregnancy so that is why she accepted (and could always break the engagement if she was not preggers). Fifth was believing that she was in fact preggers. Sixth was marrying her believing that no matter what she would love me and make a good wife. The warning signs were there that she did not love me then and after 5.5 years of a miserable marriage I realize now that she never loved me; several times during the divorce she told me that she NEVER did love me so I asked her just why did she marry me and she gave me a smirk and shrugged her shoulders.

So we called her parents, her mom answered, we told her that we were getting married and why. Not long after that the mother calls back and tells us that we might as well get married in Denver because her father had refused to attend her wedding because, as he put it, she had shamed him. I was a hot head and told her to tell that blankity-blank that we now would be going to California to get married. She should have realized that I could not be manipulated nor browbeat into submission. She and her husband lost out on seeing their daughter get married which would have reduce his level of ‘shame’ in the community. We got married during the 30 days delay in route that the USAF gave me to wind up affairs before going to South Korea for 13 months.

At that time I had to get permission from the USAF to marry because without that permission then the service would deny all benefits, which would include TriCare medical care for her and the birth of our child. This is an important FACT of life that without getting permission then the Princess Linda and her parents would be up shit creek over her medical care. Her family never did thank me or give me credit for marrying her and taking care of her.

The officer that I talked to warned me of how manipulative girls commonly got knocked up by the gullible GI and had a guaranteed income from him. He offered to ship me off immediately so that she could not find me. Oh, no, I told him, we were in love. Well, he told me, good luck and signed the papers. I had been warned.

I called my Mother in my home town of Mount Shasta, California, and explained the situation. I told her that I would like to come home and get married there and leave my new bride there because her father had essentially thrown her out. Mom was great and while I drove us, with my USAF permission slip, she arranged everything. The day of our marriage her parents called and found out that she was to be married shortly. That is when her father lied some more and said that he would have attended her wedding after all. So we got married and she later rode the bus back home. We shipped her few belongings via rail and I later learned how he bitched about the collect charges that he had to pay and yet I was sending 80% of my military pay to the now Queen Linda living in his house so I could have paid the shipping fees. This was before UPS and FedEx.

This is how valuable the TriCare for her medical care was: She was in labor for 17 hours. Had I been home and not stationed in South Korea then I would have recommended a cesarean birth. Can you imagine her being on welfare had I not married her? Would she have gotten the same quality of medical care that she got with TriCare which paid 100%? How much would it have cost her farmer father (who it turns out didn’t even own the farm as he was a share cropper for his brother)? Not one time did that SOB ever thank me for marrying his daughter or for taking care of her. He hated me because I had defied him and refused to let him manipulate me; he was a very controlling person.

So, fellow comrades in arms, just because you are getting some sex from a cute young thing then use a condom and you, and you only, carry it out of the car or bedroom for disposal; do not let the girl offer to flush it down the toilet for you as she may use a turkey baster to get pregnant from the filled condom (there are cases on record for this). Later I will tell the stories of 2 women with children from GIs and how they manipulated the system for welfare for them and how the fathers had a difficult time communicating with their children. One was pretty good in bed, I was sterile with a vasectomy, her son was by a sailor 500 miles away, and she complained that her welfare was going to be cut when the kid reached 5.5 years and started school. I asked what work was she looking for and she told me that she was going to have another kid. Well, to prevent the potential paternity issues even though I was sterile (I did not tell her that, hehe), I was out of her house in a few minutes and never looked back. I happen to like recreational intercourse.


Freedom from Facebook a/k/a facebutt July 05, 2022

I had a facebook account since 2016. At first it was convenient and OK. The censorship and the manipulations to make me toe the ‘official narrative’ became progressively worse. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TANSTAAFL sums it up. FB gets a f’ ton of money from adverts, the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies along with the globalists to mold peoples’ minds to accept the New World Order (NWO). I refuse to bow my head or bend my knee.

Then came the 2020 election and zuckerberg (jewish name) hated Trump and punished me for pointing out how bad the democrats were in promoting the election rigging for bidin (I refuse to honor him with capitalization and proper spelling of his name). The election was stolen. Any mention by me of a rigged election brought on warnings and punishments from facebook and the zuck.

Then the china flu a/k.a covid19 hit. I have more than 50 years in industrial facilities and know about masks, effectiveness, and proper use. The mask mandate is and was to force people into compliance in spite of a mask being counter productive. Again more warnings and time out punishments for speaking up. Fauci fraud is a pathological liar and he will retire before the next Republican congress starts looking into his financial dealings with china and big pharma.

The mRNA vaxx is dangerous, ineffective, and killing people. I pointed that out and more punishment. I pointed out how the vaxxed people were likely to get and transmit the china flu so more punishments from FB.

The final straw was another time out for pointing out that if I am confronted by a shooter then I will shoot for the head because too many shooters are now wearing body armor. I have never threatened anyone other then saying that I will defend myself; evidently facebutt does not like people who believe in self-defense. They did allow my photo of my man (actually a female terrorists or maybe someone of 29 other genders) target where I put 12 for 12 in the forehead at 21′ during my re-qualification for my Concealed Carry Weapon permit (CCW). It was a pretty tight grouping at 2″.

It took a month to delete all my previous fb posts and as many pictures that I could. I also informed family and friends of this blog and an email address dedicated to family and friends only. During the deletion process and afterwards I have met many people who also were fed up with facebook and ditched the social media site.

Facebook never questioned me why I was leaving. I did backup all files both as html and json, whatever that is. FB says that they will wait 30 days for me to change my mind before they delete all the files which may take an indeterminate amount of time.

More are dying as we get older

I am age 75. I lost my Mom’s sister, Dorothy, in 2021. I lost my cousins’ mother, my Aunt Maxine, 2 years ago. I lost my maternal Grandfather, Gamp, 4 years ago.

I have money set aside for my cremation and have already reserved my niche in the Wall at the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV. My box of ashes will be placed upside down so the world can kiss my ass. My DD Form-214 is already on file there. I am a Live Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and they will make certain I am in the Wall.

BTW, the Queen Linda still will not acknowledge that I was honorably discharged from the USAF. Only honorably discharged veterans are allowed to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion.

My girl friend of more than 12 years will be placed in the Wall with her husband of many years. She is a USAF veteran widow and that is what she wants so I will do that for her.

There is a lot of room inside the niche so I may make up some archival CD or DVDs to place inside along with a portable notebook. I have been told of various objects that have accompanied the veteran, one of the largest being the engine for a Harley-Davidson.

The Queen Linda’s second husband, Jimmie Aringdale, passed away and I am the one who found his obit and passed it on to his son, Jimmie Langton who had a name change by the Queen Linda from Jimmie Aringdale, Jr.

The moral of this story is to maintain a meaningful relationship and contact because someday will be too late.

William Booth was a month younger than me

I just found out that the Queen Linda’s last husband passed away last year. Obit: https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/mt/billings/william-f-booth-14523353

Linda Rae Feragen was first married to me, then Jimmie Aringdale, later Ben Langton, and then lastly to Booth. My condolences to my sons for losing another step father. Aringdale and Booth are now gone. The guy whose family name they took appears to still be alive.

I am still alive and healthy. The Queen Linda should have chosen me rather than Jimmie Aringdale. We could have had a good life together.

2023 Merry Christmas to my family on Christmas Eve

Another year. Last Christmas I sent both Michael and Jonathan, my two sons, a Christmas card. I wrote that I was willing to pay for family counseling. The offer still stands. I have $5k in cash set aside for this. I have a rather low opinion of family counselors but we can hire and fire until we find someone who can help us sort through these issues. I know full well that the Queen Linda, their mother, will be operating in the background like she did when I was on Facebutt.

This year, 2023, I did not bother to send a card to any of them. I have a tenuous relationship with my grandson, Joel by Michael.

So, here is a Merry Christmas to my sons and their families.

Advertising for a son to call me Dad

Advertising for a son to call me Dad

Welp, since my biological sons refuse to call me Dad and that they changed their last names (patronymic or family names) to that of a previous stepdad then why should they inherit anything from me?

The boys were never adopted by stepdad #3 (I asked him in a telephone call) nor was I ever stripped of my parental rights even though I gave them the opportunity for him to adopt them. Therefore they are, legally, still my heirs and therefore eligible to inherit anything, if there is anything left, from me when I die.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen Linda, encouraged the oldest son to contact me on Facebook in the hopes that I would become all giddy with delight at any communication from him. She is a manipulative person and I was not going to fall into that trap. I am a person who can sense emotions often in other people and I felt no warmth nor affection from my sons when I met them face-to-face. I refuse to go through the PTSD again with her and her manipulations. I will do a post on what I feel should have been done to renew my relationships with my sons.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen Linda poisoned the minds of my sons against me. I cannot see any way that it can be undone. It will take years of professional help to undo the damage that she caused.

My conversation with the boys’ step-dad whose family name they took opened my eyes to many things. I realized that the marriage issues between the Queen Linda and me were not entirely my fault and that the Queen Linda did to other men what she did to me. She has a history of preparing for the next husband while still married to the current one.

I told the Queen Linda, on Facebook, that I had no money and that I had filed for bankruptcy. Imagine my surprise when she paid good money to run an internet background check on me.

I hid no assets during the bankruptcy. That said there are assets today that I accumulated after the bankruptcy. There is at least $25k and closer to $50k in asset worth.

So, here is the deal: If any young man or men who has no Dad in their lives wants to get to know me and, later, call me Dad then I am open to suggestions. I will be 75 soon and my Dad passed at 77 so I may not have many years left. I have a good collection of guns and ammo that I would give my sons and their families but my cousin has said they are interested in getting them and transfer in Nevada to a family member is easy to do without background bull shit from the Democrappers.

Guys, her lust for you may be only the result of her ovulating

This male’s observations on ovulating girls and women

Ovulating single women and girls are dangerous to be around. Men and boys should be taught to recognize the signs and behave rationally like double wrap their penis with condoms and they, and they only, dispose of the used condoms. BTW, I have had condoms break from a dry vagina.

There have been successful studies done to see if men can detect when a woman ovulates. Some women exhibit body changes in the face in particular, their voices change, and their boobs get bigger to attract someone to screw them senseless; men are often unconsciously aware of these signals. I do not have that skill. But my observations have shown that when women ovulate then they are more attractive and more attracted to me.

Ever notice how many un-married girls and women under 25 have had a child, only one? They were with boys/men who were available partners when they ovulated making the sex better. My Mom had unprotected sex resulting in a short pregnancy for me. My sister had a child out of wedlock and he was a total jerk (good story to follow). These and other pregnancies were before the availability of birth control pills and abortion. One Queen Mother encouraged her daughter to have unprotected sex in high school resulting in at least 3 abortions. I suspect she was reliving her youth through the sex antics of her daughter.

Unfortunately for the guy the girl/woman will frequently blame him for the pregnancy. They will ignore their lust in the moment and tell their partner that it was all his fault for taking advantage of her in her moment of weakness. That is fucked up but it often happens. The result is child support and little to no visitation nor acknowledgment of him as the father to the child. The children grow up not having a father, a biological one, in their lives.

In my younger days I enjoyed the hunt and chase of the women in honky tonks and other dance bars. A little alcohol amid sexual excitement and anticipation make some women ripe for sex with just about any decent looking young male. Yeah, I have been known to bed some older women as they don’t get knocked up, they are grateful as hell, and do not tell, much. So long as the sex is consensual then I see no problem with bedding these women even though their ovulation time makes them more susceptible for casual sex.

Ah, the art of seduction. I have had my fair share of bed partners. Some of the sex was great and some, well, too bad we both are not taught how to be better lovers. A wham, bam, thank ya, ma’am is useful to get a man’s nuts out of hock but usually does not lead to a repeat opportunity.

My first wife, the Queen Linda, frequently told me to hurry up and get ‘it’ over with. She would just lay there totally unresponsive. Out of sheer spite I would prolong my sex with her as long as I could. That staying power was useful later.

So, guys, just because she acts like a wanton slut does not mean love or later commitment but if there is a pregnancy then you are screwed. I should have taken the advice of my USAF commanding officer when the Princess Linda got knocked up and let him ship me off to bum-fucked Egypt and let her come looking for me.

Which came first? Unfit mother or deadbeat father?

I have dated many women and married some of them, many with children from previous relationships.

The first time they start bitching about their deadbeat dads not paying child support then I ask a few questions. It is so easy (and encouraged by other women and femi-nasi) to get back at the father through his children. The children ultimately suffer as a result. The mother gets all smug in her crapping on the fathers of her children. I will admit that there are many men who cannot or will not pay child support but they are in the minority.

First, what kind of relationship does the child have with his biological father? You do not encourage any healthful and good relationship? Then unfit mother.

Next, how many Christmas, birthday, and Father’s Day cards do you have the child(ren) send to their biological father? None? Then unfit mother.

Have you failed to deliver Christmas, birthday, and other gifts to the children from their biological father? Yes? Then unfit mother.

Have you ever stolen the gifts for a man’s child(ren) and given them as if they came from you and your current husband? Yes? Then unfit mother.

Next, how many phone calls do you encourage the child(ren) make to their biological father even if a collect call years ago and now cheap with cell phones? None? Then unfit mother.

Next, do you encourage your child(ren) to call their current step-father their Dad? Yes? Then unfit mother. This is especially confusing to the children when this is done in a serial fashion due to a series of step-fathers in their lives (looking at you, Queen Linda).

Next, do you communicate with the biological father with information such as the health of his kids such as when one, for example, breaks his arm? Never? Unfit mother.

Next, do you use the child(ren) as patsies, pawns, and proxies in your war with the child(ren)’s biological father? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you pass on any communications such as birthday cards from the biological father to his child(ren)? No? Unfit mother.

Next, did you tell the child(ren)’s father that you would hide the kids if he got better visitation and could take them for trips? Visit another state? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you change the child(ren) family (patronymic) name to the current step-father’s? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you always run down the biological father to his kids when he is not there to defend himself? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, have you moved and failed to tell the biological father the new address of his children? New phone numbers? Then unfit mother.

Next, did you deliberately get knocked up by young military men and, worse yet, boys, so that you could get a child and child support from them? More than one military man/boy so that you can get more per child child support? Yes? Unfit mother because the child(ren) will never be close by wherever the soldier is stationed.

Some of the states and their courts now realize that if the biological father is crapped on then he is not likely to want to pay child support. In the 70s one friend of mine went to Canada which later got closed to fathers fleeing unjust child support. Another told a female judge to stuff it when she denied his request to visit his children and spent 180 days in county jail for contempt of court for telling her F’U’ 3x. He refused to pay child support and the State of California took away his driver’s license (Class 1), his General Contractor’s license, hunting license, fishing license and basically stripped him of any licenses. He trusted his current girl friend (they married surreptitiously because you do not need to announce a marriage to the State or need its permission), got her a General Contractor’s license, got her Class 1 driver’s license, and then thumbed his nose at the State while he did what he did best building things in his girl friend’s name. Both gentlemen were forced to pay child support but the mothers’ kept hiding the kids from them and the courts would not enforce visitation back then.

So to summarize, when a mother bitches about not receiving the child support then it is a pretty good bet that the father got crapped on although there are exceptions where a man will father kids in a serial fashion such as that black gentleman in the South who has fathered about 60 children so far as is known.

My observations include never trusting prosecutors, judges, the judicial system, politicians, cops, and mothers with children at first glance. Sometimes it is better for a man to be poorer than appearances. Two men I know had a real large year-end bonus that the ex-s learned about and they went to court to get child support increased based on that one-off bonus which was not repeated the next year. The judges did not give a damn and one told my friend that he had better get a second job to continue paying; I pointed out to my friend that was extortion and also provided the court with an income increase to increase his child support even more. Guess which friend went to Canada and later elsewhere.

I had no exit strategy for separation and divorce from Queen Linda

I had no exit strategy for separation and divorce from Queen Linda

In early October of 1973 I asked the Queen Linda just why some of the bills had not been paid for over 90 days. Actually I tossed the opened bills on the kitchen table in front of her and asked her what was the meaning of this and she replied with, “Do you want a divorce?” She had made excuses at 30 and 60 days overdue….

This was the defining moment, the denouement, of years of utter bullshit in our marriage. The warning signs were there. It all cumulated with her statement which triggered the details to all fall into place that she was planning on leaving me anyway. There were 2 important facts here: her squirreling away the family money and her having a boyfriend. The handwriting was on the wall and I got really angry really fast and knew that I could not live with her any more; I had put up before with her goading and snarky comments so it was better to run from her.

My biggest mistake and regret was not taking better care of my 2 sons. I panicked about the bills and struggled to pay them, find a place for me to live that I could afford, and get my mental well-being taken care of. I should have made certain that they were taken care of financially. I should have hired a lawyer, ignored the bills, ignored her bullshit, and negotiated good visitation and reasonable child support: for not doing this I apologize to my children.

Remember that in the trailer park where we lived was a lot of trailer trash. What else to call welfare moms who knew how to play the welfare game by getting knocked up by several different men so that it would increase the welfare and child support payout?

If a woman has 1 child by a man she gets about 25% of his gross income; 2 kids only bumps that to about 28%. So it is more rewarding for the woman to get knocked up by multiple men to increase the amount of child support. Suppose a man makes $1,000 a month gross; she gets $250 for 1 kid and $280 for 2. But if she has kids from 2 men, each making a gross of $1,000 a month then her net is $250 + $250 == $500 a month or $220 more. So, yeah, the women know how to game the system.

With my income at the time of the separation then she would have gotten $250 to $280 a month for both kids. If the court looked at the second quarter income for me then that would have been pushed to over $400 which would have been half my take home income at the time of the divorce. The American justice system is often not fair at all and NEVER trust the courts, judges or cops.

My biggest blunder was to not ignore the bills and use the money to hire a lawyer. A good lawyer to fight for me. Consequently our divorce agreement sucks. She asked me how much alimony I was going to pay her. That is how she worded it—like a demand for alimony. That is when I told her I knew about her bartender boyfriend and since he was screwing her then he could support her. Oooh, she was pissed.

Then she asked me how much child support I was going to pay. I had no information as to the legal requirements nor any experience to go on as to handle this question. I was completely blindsided by the question. Without thinking about it I said $50 and mentally that was per child. She ran back to her lawyer who was a piss-poor excuse for a lawyer and essentially worked pro bono for women clients. I will publish later the complete divorce document online. Anyway her lawyer put down $50 for both kids but there was one glaring issue that I should have challenged on: there was NO ending date for when the child support should stop so, technically, I should be paying $50 a month even today more than 50 years later.

I should have called a timeout on all of this and sought legal help no matter what it cost. It is very likely that the lawyer would have suggested not paying the overdue bills so that I could take care of my sons. Then I should have paid the suggested support of about $280.

But wait, there is more to the story. I was not a total asshole. I told the Queen Linda that she could have the mobile home on Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, Colorado, so long as she made the $100 a month payment; I asked for NO consideration for the equity in it. The space rent was $60 and that covered the natural gas bill. Electricity was $15-20 a month. She and her boyfriend could not live much cheaper than that at less than $200 a month. I knew about the boyfriend and I could have been vindictive and told her to go back to her parents in Montana (we were in Pueblo, Colorado) which would have separated her from her boyfriend; the mobile home would have been sold. We also had purchased a ‘72 Oldsmobile Cutlass and payment was $100 a month with some equity in it; I let her have it and I kept my Sunbeam Alpine and Sunbeam Arrow station wagon, total value of $1000 but paid off.

Now comes the bullshit part: welfare. Yep, her trailer trash girl friends told her how to apply for and get welfare to get the child support increased with no other changes in the divorce agreement. Did I mention the crappy visitation that I ended up with because I did not know any better and signed the bullshit agreement? Imagine 48 hour notice and a day a week, maybe. No provisions for Christmas, vacations, and so on. This is what happened when mentally I was devastated.

End of November she asked me to ‘loan’ her a gasoline credit card, all of which she had not paid for over 90 days and I was attempting to get them paid off. Oh, she promised to pay the bill. Yeah, right. What I did not know was that the next week just after Thanksgiving she was planning on going to Montana for a month; she told me this at 9 p.m. and there was NO way for me to get any gifts for my sons to take with her.

Then, with a smirk on her face (when she was screwing someone over) she told me that when she got back in January (divorce final January 6, 1974) then she was going to apply for welfare and I would be hit with at least $285 a month in child support. Remember the 28% rule for 2 kids? That was the first time she tried the welfare dodge; later I will post details on the second one in Montana.

Long story short I called her welfare case worker; I informed him of her employment under the table at the Caravan In honky-tonk at the end of the street where she worked for cash tips; he called her in to his office where he told her she was being penalized for 6 months for lying on her application; she nearly went to jail over the fraud; and she tells everyone today that I had her KICKED off welfare. Girl, had you not lied then you would have gotten the welfare because your income was so low as to make no difference; the Queen Linda cannot help herself and just loves to lie to get what she wants. BTW, during her visit to the welfare department I was enjoying female companionship and the sister worked at the welfare office, her desk was next to the Queen Linda’s case worker’s office, his door was open, and she heard the whole exchange because the Queen Linda becomes shrill when she is not getting her own way.

So this is just one snip of the total Queen Linda saga. I am putting all of these stories together and will print a book to give my sons, her, her family, her friends, her neighbors. Will it make any difference? Nope. Will it make me feel better? Oh, hell, yeah.

I surrendered a dog to keep a crappy job to pay child support–I should have kept the dog and quit the job

Circa 1970 a puppy claimed me. He was half Cocker Spaniel and half Springer, black and white, and absolutely loyal to me.

Fast forward to 1974 and a bitter divorce from the Queen Linda. I was laid off from my Colorado job just after the divorce because of another economic meltdown because the jews and the arabs (I am not a fan of the jews) had another war in 1973. I moved back to my home state of California.

The only job in Northern California that I could find quickly was at California Cedar Products, Stockton, California; they made the wood flats for pencils as well as Duraflame fireplace logs. That company suckered me into going to work for them by a promise of a 50 cent raise to increase my hourly rate from $4.75 to $5.25 an hour. I never got the raise, went from last in seniority to first in a 6-man shop in 6 months, and got tired of their bullshit so I quit. I saved a few hundred dollars, went back to Colorado to see my kids, and continued to pay my child support. Hey, Queen Linda, I have kept all my receipts and canceled checks in case you ever try legal action where I ever so sweetly ask you if I paid child support and if you lie and say that I did not then I will do everything in my power to have you arrested and tried for perjury.

I took the job so that I could pay the $50 a month child support. Yeah, I know that was a ludicrously low amount but that is another story to be posted later.

I had my dog named MickyDog with me. After a few weeks in the apartment I rented he got separation anxiety and started howling which annoyed the neighbors. I came home one day and the manager greeted me with the Stockton Animal Control officers. The choice was to surrender the dog to a kill dog pound or get kicked out of the apartment. I had no time to think about this and made a lousy decision.

Because of that loss to me I have always had an alternative means of shelter such as a truck, trailer, or camper. I had never considered homelessness or alternative living arrangements. I do not allow anyone or any agency to get me by the short hairs ever again. I have lived in travel trailers for extended periods of time off the grid and enjoyed the carefree living.

Foolishly I gave up my dog. Fast forward 10 years and the kids that I paid child support for then decided to kick me out of their lives, call another man their dad, and change their family name from Rosean to Langton. More on another few posts on this later…

Like I said I should have kept the dog and kept looking for work. My Mom would have always seen to it that I was fed.

Rainbow Bridge? Does it exist? I hope so and I hope that the original MickyDog will forgive me for abandoning him. Every time I learn of an abandoned dog I think of the original MickyDog.

Because of the moving and being unemployed I had to purchase and send money orders to the Queen Bitch. I still have the receipts. Even when laid off I paid my child support.

Today I have a Springer also named MickyDog. The dog is absolutely loyal to me and has many of the same characteristics of his namesake. I love my doggies better than I like most people as they are loyal to a fault. My sons in their 50s have absolutely no loyalty to me.

Why do I publish these family snips? Maybe, just maybe, my sons will read these and see things from my point of view. They were lied to and manipulated by their mother, grand parents, and others. The kids lost out on so much because of the Queen Linda’s hatred for me. I would like to point out that the oldest son did similar crap to his own daughters with regards to Ben Langton, a man called Dad by their father and a man whom they called grandfather for years. The son told their mother to deny any visitation by the ‘grandfather’ or they would be punished by his withholding the child support. I wonder what Michael’s kids say about the grandfather Langton now?