I surrendered a dog to keep a crappy job to pay child support–I should have kept the dog and quit the job

Circa 1970 a puppy claimed me. He was half Cocker Spaniel and half Springer, black and white, and absolutely loyal to me.

Fast forward to 1974 and a bitter divorce from the Queen Linda. I was laid off from my Colorado job just after the divorce because of another economic meltdown because the jews and the arabs (I am not a fan of the jews) had another war in 1973. I moved back to my home state of California.

The only job in Northern California that I could find quickly was at California Cedar Products, Stockton, California; they made the wood flats for pencils as well as Duraflame fireplace logs. That company suckered me into going to work for them by a promise of a 50 cent raise to increase my hourly rate from $4.75 to $5.25 an hour. I never got the raise, went from last in seniority to first in a 6-man shop in 6 months, and got tired of their bullshit so I quit. I saved a few hundred dollars, went back to Colorado to see my kids, and continued to pay my child support. Hey, Queen Linda, I have kept all my receipts and canceled checks in case you ever try legal action where I ever so sweetly ask you if I paid child support and if you lie and say that I did not then I will do everything in my power to have you arrested and tried for perjury.

I took the job so that I could pay the $50 a month child support. Yeah, I know that was a ludicrously low amount but that is another story to be posted later.

I had my dog named MickyDog with me. After a few weeks in the apartment I rented he got separation anxiety and started howling which annoyed the neighbors. I came home one day and the manager greeted me with the Stockton Animal Control officers. The choice was to surrender the dog to a kill dog pound or get kicked out of the apartment. I had no time to think about this and made a lousy decision.

Because of that loss to me I have always had an alternative means of shelter such as a truck, trailer, or camper. I had never considered homelessness or alternative living arrangements. I do not allow anyone or any agency to get me by the short hairs ever again. I have lived in travel trailers for extended periods of time off the grid and enjoyed the carefree living.

Foolishly I gave up my dog. Fast forward 10 years and the kids that I paid child support for then decided to kick me out of their lives, call another man their dad, and change their family name from Rosean to Langton. More on another few posts on this later…

Like I said I should have kept the dog and kept looking for work. My Mom would have always seen to it that I was fed.

Rainbow Bridge? Does it exist? I hope so and I hope that the original MickyDog will forgive me for abandoning him. Every time I learn of an abandoned dog I think of the original MickyDog.

Because of the moving and being unemployed I had to purchase and send money orders to the Queen Bitch. I still have the receipts. Even when laid off I paid my child support.

Today I have a Springer also named MickyDog. The dog is absolutely loyal to me and has many of the same characteristics of his namesake. I love my doggies better than I like most people as they are loyal to a fault. My sons in their 50s have absolutely no loyalty to me.

Why do I publish these family snips? Maybe, just maybe, my sons will read these and see things from my point of view. They were lied to and manipulated by their mother, grand parents, and others. The kids lost out on so much because of the Queen Linda’s hatred for me. I would like to point out that the oldest son did similar crap to his own daughters with regards to Ben Langton, a man called Dad by their father and a man whom they called grandfather for years. The son told their mother to deny any visitation by the ‘grandfather’ or they would be punished by his withholding the child support. I wonder what Michael’s kids say about the grandfather Langton now?


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