I’m pregnant, what are you going to do about it?

This story may very well benefit young men who are in the military so that they can avoid the trap that I fell into. There was NO sex education in my Mount Shasta, California, high school.

June/July/August 1968 Picture this: I am 19, sexually inexperienced, immature, away from home in the USAF at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado, and start dating a young lady whom I will call Princess Linda. She also was 19. My parents NEVER spoke to me about sex, birth control, or toxic relationships. Ironically I am a result of premarital sex and one would think that my Mother would have alerted me to the predatory tactics of young girls when I went off to the USAF; she did not.

I was in LOVE but it might have been, nay was, LUST. Yep, I was horny and getting some sex from this young lady. No hand, oral, anal, or vaginal sex when this deed happened. Manual stimulation, oh, hell, finger fcking transferred sperm from my penis to her vagina because I was stupid, careless, and did not know any better.

Many girls and women around a military training base are like camp followers. They prey on young, ignorant, lonely, horny, foolish boys and men; they trade sex for entertainment and money spent on them for gifts, dinners, movies, and the like. A military training base was where the boys were because so many of our young men were off to Vietnam and the war there.

Many young girls will accept a marriage proposal or even to be a girl friend while the boy/man is stationed nearby but once they ship out then the ‘Dear John’ letters are sent. Lather, rinse, repeat for the girls. I and about 80 GIs shipped out to Kwang Ju, South Korea; within 3 months out of 20 in my barracks there were 3 who got Dear John letters and 1 with divorce papers.

Today there is no doubt in my mind that the Princess Linda was using me and taking advantage of me. She, too, was away from home going to the Park School of Business, Denver, Colorado, for a 1-year certificate in book keeping. She had finished and should have been looking for a job or gone home; she lived with 2 other girls, Sue and Dora.

After several months of dating I asked her to marry me. The warning signs were there that this was a bad idea but I was horny so what the hell….she accepted. The pregnancy timeline showed that it was about this time that she was preggers from sperm from my fingertip (accidentally) ; date of conception early June. On the 4th of July I got leave, went back to California, and drove my 1958 Sunbeam Rapier back to the base. A week or two later I drove her to her home in Montana where I met her parents, we announced our engagement, left her there, and returned to Denver. She returned on the bus.

Along comes the end of July and she tells me:

“I’m pregnant. What are YOU (emphasis on YOU) going to do about it?” By then she was 6-7 weeks pregnant.

This was my series of blunders that other young men should learn from. First was dating an untruthful person. Second was not questioning that the child was mine. Third was getting her knocked up. Fourth was asking her to marry me and later determining that she may have suspected her pregnancy so that is why she accepted (and could always break the engagement if she was not preggers). Fifth was believing that she was in fact preggers. Sixth was marrying her believing that no matter what she would love me and make a good wife. The warning signs were there that she did not love me then and after 5.5 years of a miserable marriage I realize now that she never loved me; several times during the divorce she told me that she NEVER did love me so I asked her just why did she marry me and she gave me a smirk and shrugged her shoulders.

So we called her parents, her mom answered, we told her that we were getting married and why. Not long after that the mother calls back and tells us that we might as well get married in Denver because her father had refused to attend her wedding because, as he put it, she had shamed him. I was a hot head and told her to tell that blankity-blank that we now would be going to California to get married. She should have realized that I could not be manipulated nor browbeat into submission. She and her husband lost out on seeing their daughter get married which would have reduce his level of ‘shame’ in the community. We got married during the 30 days delay in route that the USAF gave me to wind up affairs before going to South Korea for 13 months.

At that time I had to get permission from the USAF to marry because without that permission then the service would deny all benefits, which would include TriCare medical care for her and the birth of our child. This is an important FACT of life that without getting permission then the Princess Linda and her parents would be up shit creek over her medical care. Her family never did thank me or give me credit for marrying her and taking care of her.

The officer that I talked to warned me of how manipulative girls commonly got knocked up by the gullible GI and had a guaranteed income from him. He offered to ship me off immediately so that she could not find me. Oh, no, I told him, we were in love. Well, he told me, good luck and signed the papers. I had been warned.

I called my Mother in my home town of Mount Shasta, California, and explained the situation. I told her that I would like to come home and get married there and leave my new bride there because her father had essentially thrown her out. Mom was great and while I drove us, with my USAF permission slip, she arranged everything. The day of our marriage her parents called and found out that she was to be married shortly. That is when her father lied some more and said that he would have attended her wedding after all. So we got married and she later rode the bus back home. We shipped her few belongings via rail and I later learned how he bitched about the collect charges that he had to pay and yet I was sending 80% of my military pay to the now Queen Linda living in his house so I could have paid the shipping fees. This was before UPS and FedEx.

This is how valuable the TriCare for her medical care was: She was in labor for 17 hours. Had I been home and not stationed in South Korea then I would have recommended a cesarean birth. Can you imagine her being on welfare had I not married her? Would she have gotten the same quality of medical care that she got with TriCare which paid 100%? How much would it have cost her farmer father (who it turns out didn’t even own the farm as he was a share cropper for his brother)? Not one time did that SOB ever thank me for marrying his daughter or for taking care of her. He hated me because I had defied him and refused to let him manipulate me; he was a very controlling person.

So, fellow comrades in arms, just because you are getting some sex from a cute young thing then use a condom and you, and you only, carry it out of the car or bedroom for disposal; do not let the girl offer to flush it down the toilet for you as she may use a turkey baster to get pregnant from the filled condom (there are cases on record for this). Later I will tell the stories of 2 women with children from GIs and how they manipulated the system for welfare for them and how the fathers had a difficult time communicating with their children. One was pretty good in bed, I was sterile with a vasectomy, her son was by a sailor 500 miles away, and she complained that her welfare was going to be cut when the kid reached 5.5 years and started school. I asked what work was she looking for and she told me that she was going to have another kid. Well, to prevent the potential paternity issues even though I was sterile (I did not tell her that, hehe), I was out of her house in a few minutes and never looked back. I happen to like recreational intercourse.


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