Freedom from Facebook a/k/a facebutt July 05, 2022

I had a facebook account since 2016. At first it was convenient and OK. The censorship and the manipulations to make me toe the ‘official narrative’ became progressively worse. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TANSTAAFL sums it up. FB gets a f’ ton of money from adverts, the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies along with the globalists to mold peoples’ minds to accept the New World Order (NWO). I refuse to bow my head or bend my knee.

Then came the 2020 election and zuckerberg (jewish name) hated Trump and punished me for pointing out how bad the democrats were in promoting the election rigging for bidin (I refuse to honor him with capitalization and proper spelling of his name). The election was stolen. Any mention by me of a rigged election brought on warnings and punishments from facebook and the zuck.

Then the china flu a/k.a covid19 hit. I have more than 50 years in industrial facilities and know about masks, effectiveness, and proper use. The mask mandate is and was to force people into compliance in spite of a mask being counter productive. Again more warnings and time out punishments for speaking up. Fauci fraud is a pathological liar and he will retire before the next Republican congress starts looking into his financial dealings with china and big pharma.

The mRNA vaxx is dangerous, ineffective, and killing people. I pointed that out and more punishment. I pointed out how the vaxxed people were likely to get and transmit the china flu so more punishments from FB.

The final straw was another time out for pointing out that if I am confronted by a shooter then I will shoot for the head because too many shooters are now wearing body armor. I have never threatened anyone other then saying that I will defend myself; evidently facebutt does not like people who believe in self-defense. They did allow my photo of my man (actually a female terrorists or maybe someone of 29 other genders) target where I put 12 for 12 in the forehead at 21′ during my re-qualification for my Concealed Carry Weapon permit (CCW). It was a pretty tight grouping at 2″.

It took a month to delete all my previous fb posts and as many pictures that I could. I also informed family and friends of this blog and an email address dedicated to family and friends only. During the deletion process and afterwards I have met many people who also were fed up with facebook and ditched the social media site.

Facebook never questioned me why I was leaving. I did backup all files both as html and json, whatever that is. FB says that they will wait 30 days for me to change my mind before they delete all the files which may take an indeterminate amount of time.


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