Guys, her lust for you may be only the result of her ovulating

This male’s observations on ovulating girls and women

Ovulating single women and girls are dangerous to be around. Men and boys should be taught to recognize the signs and behave rationally like double wrap their penis with condoms and they, and they only, dispose of the used condoms. BTW, I have had condoms break from a dry vagina.

There have been successful studies done to see if men can detect when a woman ovulates. Some women exhibit body changes in the face in particular, their voices change, and their boobs get bigger to attract someone to screw them senseless; men are often unconsciously aware of these signals. I do not have that skill. But my observations have shown that when women ovulate then they are more attractive and more attracted to me.

Ever notice how many un-married girls and women under 25 have had a child, only one? They were with boys/men who were available partners when they ovulated making the sex better. My Mom had unprotected sex resulting in a short pregnancy for me. My sister had a child out of wedlock and he was a total jerk (good story to follow). These and other pregnancies were before the availability of birth control pills and abortion. One Queen Mother encouraged her daughter to have unprotected sex in high school resulting in at least 3 abortions. I suspect she was reliving her youth through the sex antics of her daughter.

Unfortunately for the guy the girl/woman will frequently blame him for the pregnancy. They will ignore their lust in the moment and tell their partner that it was all his fault for taking advantage of her in her moment of weakness. That is fucked up but it often happens. The result is child support and little to no visitation nor acknowledgment of him as the father to the child. The children grow up not having a father, a biological one, in their lives.

In my younger days I enjoyed the hunt and chase of the women in honky tonks and other dance bars. A little alcohol amid sexual excitement and anticipation make some women ripe for sex with just about any decent looking young male. Yeah, I have been known to bed some older women as they don’t get knocked up, they are grateful as hell, and do not tell, much. So long as the sex is consensual then I see no problem with bedding these women even though their ovulation time makes them more susceptible for casual sex.

Ah, the art of seduction. I have had my fair share of bed partners. Some of the sex was great and some, well, too bad we both are not taught how to be better lovers. A wham, bam, thank ya, ma’am is useful to get a man’s nuts out of hock but usually does not lead to a repeat opportunity.

My first wife, the Queen Linda, frequently told me to hurry up and get ‘it’ over with. She would just lay there totally unresponsive. Out of sheer spite I would prolong my sex with her as long as I could. That staying power was useful later.

So, guys, just because she acts like a wanton slut does not mean love or later commitment but if there is a pregnancy then you are screwed. I should have taken the advice of my USAF commanding officer when the Princess Linda got knocked up and let him ship me off to bum-fucked Egypt and let her come looking for me.


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