Which came first? Unfit mother or deadbeat father?

I have dated many women and married some of them, many with children from previous relationships.

The first time they start bitching about their deadbeat dads not paying child support then I ask a few questions. It is so easy (and encouraged by other women and femi-nasi) to get back at the father through his children. The children ultimately suffer as a result. The mother gets all smug in her crapping on the fathers of her children. I will admit that there are many men who cannot or will not pay child support but they are in the minority.

First, what kind of relationship does the child have with his biological father? You do not encourage any healthful and good relationship? Then unfit mother.

Next, how many Christmas, birthday, and Father’s Day cards do you have the child(ren) send to their biological father? None? Then unfit mother.

Have you failed to deliver Christmas, birthday, and other gifts to the children from their biological father? Yes? Then unfit mother.

Have you ever stolen the gifts for a man’s child(ren) and given them as if they came from you and your current husband? Yes? Then unfit mother.

Next, how many phone calls do you encourage the child(ren) make to their biological father even if a collect call years ago and now cheap with cell phones? None? Then unfit mother.

Next, do you encourage your child(ren) to call their current step-father their Dad? Yes? Then unfit mother. This is especially confusing to the children when this is done in a serial fashion due to a series of step-fathers in their lives (looking at you, Queen Linda).

Next, do you communicate with the biological father with information such as the health of his kids such as when one, for example, breaks his arm? Never? Unfit mother.

Next, do you use the child(ren) as patsies, pawns, and proxies in your war with the child(ren)’s biological father? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you pass on any communications such as birthday cards from the biological father to his child(ren)? No? Unfit mother.

Next, did you tell the child(ren)’s father that you would hide the kids if he got better visitation and could take them for trips? Visit another state? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you change the child(ren) family (patronymic) name to the current step-father’s? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, do you always run down the biological father to his kids when he is not there to defend himself? Yes? Unfit mother.

Next, have you moved and failed to tell the biological father the new address of his children? New phone numbers? Then unfit mother.

Next, did you deliberately get knocked up by young military men and, worse yet, boys, so that you could get a child and child support from them? More than one military man/boy so that you can get more per child child support? Yes? Unfit mother because the child(ren) will never be close by wherever the soldier is stationed.

Some of the states and their courts now realize that if the biological father is crapped on then he is not likely to want to pay child support. In the 70s one friend of mine went to Canada which later got closed to fathers fleeing unjust child support. Another told a female judge to stuff it when she denied his request to visit his children and spent 180 days in county jail for contempt of court for telling her F’U’ 3x. He refused to pay child support and the State of California took away his driver’s license (Class 1), his General Contractor’s license, hunting license, fishing license and basically stripped him of any licenses. He trusted his current girl friend (they married surreptitiously because you do not need to announce a marriage to the State or need its permission), got her a General Contractor’s license, got her Class 1 driver’s license, and then thumbed his nose at the State while he did what he did best building things in his girl friend’s name. Both gentlemen were forced to pay child support but the mothers’ kept hiding the kids from them and the courts would not enforce visitation back then.

So to summarize, when a mother bitches about not receiving the child support then it is a pretty good bet that the father got crapped on although there are exceptions where a man will father kids in a serial fashion such as that black gentleman in the South who has fathered about 60 children so far as is known.

My observations include never trusting prosecutors, judges, the judicial system, politicians, cops, and mothers with children at first glance. Sometimes it is better for a man to be poorer than appearances. Two men I know had a real large year-end bonus that the ex-s learned about and they went to court to get child support increased based on that one-off bonus which was not repeated the next year. The judges did not give a damn and one told my friend that he had better get a second job to continue paying; I pointed out to my friend that was extortion and also provided the court with an income increase to increase his child support even more. Guess which friend went to Canada and later elsewhere.


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