Advertising for a son to call me Dad

Advertising for a son to call me Dad

Welp, since my biological sons refuse to call me Dad and that they changed their last names (patronymic or family names) to that of a previous stepdad then why should they inherit anything from me?

The boys were never adopted by stepdad #3 (I asked him in a telephone call) nor was I ever stripped of my parental rights even though I gave them the opportunity for him to adopt them. Therefore they are, legally, still my heirs and therefore eligible to inherit anything, if there is anything left, from me when I die.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen Linda, encouraged the oldest son to contact me on Facebook in the hopes that I would become all giddy with delight at any communication from him. She is a manipulative person and I was not going to fall into that trap. I am a person who can sense emotions often in other people and I felt no warmth nor affection from my sons when I met them face-to-face. I refuse to go through the PTSD again with her and her manipulations. I will do a post on what I feel should have been done to renew my relationships with my sons.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen Linda poisoned the minds of my sons against me. I cannot see any way that it can be undone. It will take years of professional help to undo the damage that she caused.

My conversation with the boys’ step-dad whose family name they took opened my eyes to many things. I realized that the marriage issues between the Queen Linda and me were not entirely my fault and that the Queen Linda did to other men what she did to me. She has a history of preparing for the next husband while still married to the current one.

I told the Queen Linda, on Facebook, that I had no money and that I had filed for bankruptcy. Imagine my surprise when she paid good money to run an internet background check on me.

I hid no assets during the bankruptcy. That said there are assets today that I accumulated after the bankruptcy. There is at least $25k and closer to $50k in asset worth.

So, here is the deal: If any young man or men who has no Dad in their lives wants to get to know me and, later, call me Dad then I am open to suggestions. I will be 75 soon and my Dad passed at 77 so I may not have many years left. I have a good collection of guns and ammo that I would give my sons and their families but my cousin has said they are interested in getting them and transfer in Nevada to a family member is easy to do without background bull shit from the Democrappers.


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